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We are asleep. Shhhh.

Keep an eye out here for new information.. but be forewarned: We are slackers inspired by creativity in brief spasms.. and who knows when the next one will be!

Last few things we've done...
Dictionary Client (Released 30/June/2005)
Pine Privacy Patch (Patch for 4.63 released 29/April/2005)
Dsniff patches for compiling on FC2 and newer linux distros (Patch for 2.4b1 released 1/November/2004)
gfortune multiline patch (Patch for 1.0.0 released 16/August/2004)
Nmblookup PDC/BDC detector patch
Linksys WET11 crashes when sent an ethernet frame from its own MAC address
neuter.c Windows 2000/NT Apache Tomcat 3.x and 4.0.x DoS

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